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Our Vision is to bridge the digital gap by providing functional and cost-effective ICT solutions to our Clients.

Our vision is to be counted amongst the best ICT companies in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our mission is to bridge the technology gap in country by providing cost effective, client specific ICT solutions that would ensure improved productivity and service delivery.

We at Emagin derive satisfaction from creating custom solutions for your business needs. We believe that as people are diverse so also are business needs and as such we are always looking for new cost effective ways to give your business the needed edge to set it aside from a crowd of competitors

We at Emagin understand the importance of being readily available to our clients and as such we also keep a tab on our clients and by extension all our projects even after handing over such projects, all to ensure that our clients don't have a downtime in their business, especially as related to our relationship with them.

It is common knowledge that no matter how good you are, if your client has any form of distrust in you, your business relationship is as good as dead. We at Emagin, take pride in not only keeping our promises to our clients but being accountable so much so that at the end of the day, we are seen as family.

Time, is said to be money and as such we always ensure that our solutions are well within the stipulated project time frame. This ensures that we are tagged "Dependable" at all times.

It is our belief that no matter how much we know or how beautiful an idea is, if its knowledge is not shared, the beauty of it would be lost to the world. At Emagin Info-Tech, one of our core values is knowledge transfer both with our team and with our clients. We believe that confidence to excel in business is directly proportional to the knowledge base of the specific problems and managing the solution.

Our Story

Emagin Info Tech is a leading provider of technology consulting and systems integration solutions to public and private sector organizations in Nigeria. Founded in 2008, Emagin Info Tech has its corporate headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria with operations across other states in Nigeria. We have a dedicated team of professionals in various fields of ICT who are poised to provide cutting edge consulting and systems integration solutions to meet the most demanding challenges of our esteemed clients. We are differentiated from our competitors by our commitment to client satisfaction; our in-depth understanding of technology issues and our relentless pursuit of optimal and cost-efficient solutions that assist our clients attain that edge to stand them out from a crowd of competitors.
Emagin Info Tech provides systems and technology consulting services to help our clients derive maximum value from their investment in Information Technology.


We specialize in building Client-Specific Database driven solutions that are designed to give their businesses the extra edge to standout from the crowd of competitors. We have customized solutions for Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Medical Laboratories, Dental Clinics, Pharmacies, Printing Presses, Boutiques, etc. Read More...

We develop Websites, eCommerce site, Content Management Sites and Web based database applications that can run both on the intranet or internet depending on the location of the database. Our team of developers are poised to give you a site that is unique and rich in design.

We offer practical training services both for individuals or groups. Our training brochure spans a wide range of IT packages ranging from Microsoft Office to more advanced packages like SQL, Filemaker, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, Python, etc Read More...

We at Emagin have a wealth of experience managing projects. We believe that every successful project doesn't only depend on the effective management of required skillset but accurately synchronizing and maximizing time to achieve the best possible result and desired result for the project.

We offer a wide range of Hardware services which ranges from System Procurement, Installation & Configurations of Computer workstations, Servers and Data Centers. We also design and deploy Network infrastructures, CCTV (including IP Cameras), Employee Clock-in Devices and Proximity Card Systems, ID-Card Stations for Organizations, etc. We also offer maintenance services for existing infrastructures.

We have a unique team of business development consultants whose primary goal is to help your business grow. We are always exploring new methodologies to give your business the needed edge to stand it our of the crowd of competitors.


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